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 ORCA AWARENESS MONTH for JUNE 2018 is now over, but as we always say, "Every Month is Orca Month" and our work goes on.

To join our efforts to promote Whale Protection Zones around southern Vancouver Island, a moratorium on the Chinook fishery, and reduction in underwater noise, boat collisions and whale entanglement in fishing gear, as well as to join the Bring Lolita Home campaign, contact
For tips on taking individual action, READ OUR BOOKLET full of facts, stats, addresses: 
Words About Whales: Speaking Out For Orcas. ( for a copy.)

There are many ways of thinking and communicating about our 
cetacean neighbours in the Salish Sea, and one way to communicate 
their plight is through theatre. TOOKS ON COOK 
READERS' THEATRE, which hosts matinee performances the first
Saturday of each month, 2 - 4 pm, at 1175 Cook St, Victoria, is presenting
"VOICES FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE" on Saturday October 6th.
Included will be a poem about Orca J35 by Linda Rogers -- "A Lighter Blue" -- and
"Seance" -- a comedy by Gary Johnson
"Orca Seance" -- a tragi-comedy by "orcas"

(Tickets $5 at the door, or by donation)

Orca Month joined the Georgia Strait Alliance to display whale and marine information at the Oak Bay Green Committee's PLASTICS RECYCLING DEPOT on June 23rd.
(They're open the 4th Saturday morning of every month -- help the ocean by BRINGING YOUR OWN PLASTICS IN FOR RECYCLING) 
Notice in the photo, the piles of plastic collected in but ONE morning in ONE municipality. 
No wonder the oceans contain almost more plastic than living things. The world
needs to curb that industry. It is the worst part of the fossil fuel industry.



Many people signed our FREE LOLITA LETTER at "Camas Day" in Uplands Park in Victoria on April 29th. Wherever you live in BC, please host a letter writing and information day at home or with your community group during ORCA AWARENESS MONTH!

 Orca Month MARINE AND ORCA ART SHOW was at Caffe Misto
2865 Foul Bay Road, throughout June

Do you use the public library? Orca Month thanks the Esquimalt and Centennial Branches of Greater Victoria Public Library for making displays for Orca Awareness of wonderful books you can borrow on whales and other marine life -- Educate yourself! (Kids' books too)

The Georgia Strait Alliance, David Suzuki Foundation, EcoJustice, Raincoast Foundation and other whale-defence groups, asked Parliament to pass an emergency order giving Salish Sea orcas dedicated feeding refuges in their hunting corridors -- a few have been set aside for this summer, south of Sooke, at the mouth of the Fraser River and near Saturna Island. The fishing industry opposes them however. To support this salmon conservation and to ask the politicians not to back down, please write to your MP, the Minister of DFO, and, or in print to: Justin Trudeau House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6.

Fighting noise in the ocean: further underwater shipping noise will guarantee extinction for southern residents, marine scientists tell the federal government:

Ask the Navy to avoid using sonar in whale feeding areas off Vancouver Island. Engine noise as well as underwater sonar disorients them and drives them insane. Write to: and to:


  Some GOOD NEWS: Washington Congressman Rick Larsen has co-introduced a Bill against captivity of orcas: the Orca Responsibility & Care Advancement (ORCA) Act.
In Canada, Senator Wilfred Moore has introduced Bill S-203 banning holding whales and dolphins in captivity. At 2nd reading.

AUGUST 2018 -- 0NLY 75 SRKWs LEFT  (J, K, and L pods)


 Shrine For Dead and Captive Orcas, January at Oak Bay Marina 

 Shrine for Tilikum at site of former Sealand of the Pacific aquarium at Oak Bay Marina


The American group Orca Relief has asked the National Marine Fisheries Service (US) via petition to establish a WHALE PROTECTION ZONE along the Haro Strait side of San Juan Island, where orcas can find prey and rest in quiet away from boats and engines.
The SRKWs are starving due to lack of Chinook salmon. A total moratorium on the Chinook fishery is advisable. Please ask for it at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

To support creation of a National Marine Conservation Area for the southern Strait of Georgia, and you would like to see it a protected zone away from shipping traffic, tell Parks Canada using the form at
Recently Premier Christy Clark and Governor Inslee of Washington signed a Cascadia Corridor agreement for joint projects in  technology and innovation. Let's ask the new BC Government to include conservation in the projects, i.e. to preserve fish, whales and other marine populations in the Salish Sea. Harbour pollution, pipelines, tankers and over-fishing of salmon and herring all play a role. The Orca Month Committee is asking Premier Horgan and Governor Inslee whether the Cascadia corridor could include mitigation of these problems. You can too:, or   Office of the Premier, Legislative Bldgs, 501 Belleville St., Victoria V8V 1X4.  Ask them if they think 78 Southern Resident Killer Whales are enough.

Orca Month Committee is also asking federal and provincial politicians to formally request the return of native killer whales Lolita and Corky to a sanctuary bay in BC or Washington State. See proposals from both, and If cultural artifacts are requested to be returned, living wildlife certainly should be.

The federal government has published a SRKW ACTION PLAN for recovery, at:

3rd annual PLASTIC OCEAN display will be at the RECYCLE DEPOT
in CARNARVON PARK, OAK BAY, JUNE 23rd 9 - 11:30 a.m.

Bring your plastic recycling and take away information:

Plastics are made in laboratories, and they "degrade" only by becoming so microscopic they enter and disable the cells of living things, including the plankton which marine animals ingest. Plastics which break down to chips choke birds and marine mammals, or fill their stomachs with non-nutrients.
8 million tons of plastic are dumped into Earth's oceans every year. (Seachoice) Only 5% are recycled.
Every bit of plastic ever produced still exists, and will still exist after our great-grandchildren’s
great-grandchildren have all been born and died

"Marine plastics are a greater threat to life on Earth than is climate change."
                        -- Charles Moore, mariner, scientist,  author of Plastic Ocean, 2011

Display at Orca Month Recycle Day with Oak Bay Green Committee .
Friends don't let friends buy plastic goods. Use alternatives!


MAKE EVERY MONTH ORCA MONTH.  New volunteers always welcome. 
"Every Month Is Orca Month"

Our goal is to focus public attention on the needs of the southern and northern residents orcas and migrants,  and the threats that have made them "endangered" and "threatened" according to the federal Species At Risk Act:
ocean pollution - chemical and plastic
intermittent shortage of salmon (their main prey)
fishing gear entanglement
underwater shipping noise
danger of collision with ships, ferries and tankers
catastrophic population decline during decades of capture for the aquarium trade
We work toward the release of all captive cetaceans, such as Lolita who was captured from L pod over 40 years ago, and whose mother and other family still swim in the Salish Sea

We support the work of Orca Network in bringing Lolita home from the Miami Seaquarium.
See @salishorcas for Lolita updates
Follow us on Twitter -- @orcamonthBC

Contact us at: